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Ellcworth Express | Ghana Door to Door Shipping Service

What is included in this door to door shipping service to Ghana?
If you want to send a few boxes or anything less than container load to Ghana, this is a service designed with you in mind. For Ghana only, we have a specialised door-to-door service from UK. The service includes everything from collection at your door in UK and delivering to your door in Ghana. We’ll take care of everything in between – shipping, customs, local transportation and delivery in Ghana – all at a fraction of the cost!

What are the advantages of Ellcworth Express’ door-to-door shipping service to Ghana?

Of course there are other small door to door shipping operatives dotted around UK who offer a cargo collection and door-to-door shipping service to Ghana, so what makes us different? Well, it’s best to judge our service standards by what our customers say we do differently. First of all, you will find that our customer friendly staff will engage you in a professional but helpful way throughout your inquiries. This is because we believe that when our customers need us, the little things we do to help can sometimes make a big difference.

We are Safe: All your cargo will be handled with safety in mind to ensure they are delivered to the destination address in Ghana in the same condition it was handed down to us. Our reputation is very solid in guarding again damages and pilfering.
We Communicate Well: We inform you by text and e-mail when your cargo has been dispatched from UK. In addition, we offer real time delivery tracking, so you can follow the journey of your cargo on the ocean until it arrives at the Tema port. When it’s ready for delivery with our local couriers in Ghana, you will receive a call informing you about delivery times and you always have the option to adjust the time of delivery to your schedules and circumstances.
• We are Reliable: We say what we do and do what we say, we deliver and keep you informed, so you can trust us. We also treat you with empathy and consideration, look after your best interests and reward your loyalty with excellent service.

Can I get my cargo collected from my home or work?
We can collect from most locations in UK the same day. Just tell us where to collect from. If you need a low cost, door to door shipping to Ghana, Ellcworth Express can make it easy and hassle free. We also ship large items and pallets. When it comes to your deliveries to Ghana with Ellcworth Express, the security and reliability of your delivery service can really give you peace of mind or make your business stand out from the crowd. Call Ellcworth Express’ booking line directly on 01708-375-744.

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