Why choose our low cost container shipping service?

We provide a safe, efficient and low cost container shipping service for individuals, companies and organisations who need to transport cargo abroad from the United Kingdom. Because container shipping is the most efficient mode of transport for goods, our clients save money, remain compliant and enjoy operational excellence. And when our customers receive the personal attention they need, they avoid waste and their businesses grow. We believe that when our customers need us, the little things we do to help can sometimes make a big difference. We take pride in delivering the best of container shipping services, at the most reasonable prices.

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Why choose our warehouse service?

For complete ‘peace of mind’ use Ellcworth’s warehouse storage solutions while you are preparing to load your container for shipping abroad. We have a safe and secure storage for your household contents, personal effects or business cargo and the experienced personnel to load your valuables into your container when you book a container with us.

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Our friendly customer service team ensures you get quality services at all times

We regularly ship to and from over 30 countries worldwide.  Through this, we have built very strong relationships with all the major shipping lines, allowing us to be right on point when it comes to price in this competitive market.

Whether you are exporting your product to the USA or  Dubai, our global network of agents enables us to remain in control of your shipment from start to finish. Read More

Moving your vehicle needs experience and expertise

At Ellcworth Express, your car is loaded on to a 20 or 40 foot container at our warehouse facility. It is then secured to the floor with wooden blocks or straps to prevent any movement during the transportation of the vehicle. One advantage of shipping your vehicle this way is that you can place other load in the container as well.

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